Article: “Compositional characterization of Etruscan earthen architecture and ceramic production” (2020)

Ceccarelli L., Moletti C., Bellotto M., Dotelli G., Stoddart S. ( 2020), Compositional characterization of Etruscan earthen architecture and ceramic production, Archaeometry.


The purpose of this paper is to present the results of new research into Etruscan technology for earthen architecture as well as ceramic production in the upper Tiber valley in Central Italy, using as case‐study the Etruscan settlement of Col di Marzo (Perugia). The study aims to determine the compositional differences of the raw material employed as building material and for ceramic production by XRD, TG‐DTG, FTIR and geotechnical analyses.

The research also advances the knowledge of ceramic manufacturing technology, with a focus on impasto production, at Col di Marzo between the 5th to the mid‐3rd century BC and the surrounding territory on the left bank of the Tiber. The compositional analysis of building material compared to the ceramics provides answers to questions related to their sourcing and deepens the understanding of the exploitation of natural resources.



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