Book : “Earth USA 2019 Proceedings” (2019)

Wilson Q. (ed.), Proceedings for the Tenth International Earthbuilding Conference, Earth USA 2019 – Adobe in Action, La Madera (New Mexico), 2019.

Earth USA 2019 conference took place at the Scottish Rite Center’s Alhambra Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico (25th-27th October 2019). Earth USA 2019 indicated a wider field of interest than previous conferences and included adobe, rammed earth, compressed earth block (CEB) and monolithic adobe (cob). The proceedings of the conference are now available.

See the table of content : Earth USA 2019 – Table of content

The book can be purchased as an on-demand print book or as a digital PDF:

All the past conferences are archived on the Earth USA website under “Conference archives” in the main navigation bar:

Below you can find a complete list fo papers of Earth USA 2019 (Proceedings for the Tenth International Earthbuilding Conference):

  • Saving the Southwest Vernacular. A Critique of Existing Systems and Thoughts on a Way Forward, Anne Galer
  • Micromorphological Comparison Between Adobes, Fills and Paleosols to Understand Production Techniques in an Archaeological Site on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, A. Thania García-Zeferino, Marta Mateu Sagués, Salvador Piña-Guido
  • Pre-Hispanic Earthen Architecture in Southeastern Mesoamerica: Collaborative Research with Local Specialists, Akira Ichikawa
  • With a Grain of Salt: Crystallization and Dissolution in Salt Attack, Eric Liefeld, Dr. David Rockstraw, Pat Taylor
  • Construction technologies of Chinese Hakka Tulou Rammed Earth Buildings, Yi Luo, Xingqian Peng
  • Role and Importance of Local Materials in Timbuktu Land Architecture, Ali Ould Sidi
  • Fort Vasquez Museum Restoration – Materials, Methods, & Ethos (Art, Science & Politics), Andrew Phillips, Michael ‘Spydr’ Wren
  • Escuela Sarañani and Mesilla Taller: The Adobe Travelling School, Pat Taylor, Cristian Heinsen
  • Coating Processes for Historic Rammed Earth Buildings in Huamantla, Tlaxcala, México, Blas Antonio Tepale Gamboa, Luis Fernando Guerrero Baca, Esmeralda Avila Boyas
  • Compacted Earth Plasters as a Strategy for Conservation and Restoration, Francisco Uviña Contreras, Luis Fernando Guerrero
  • Survey on Warehouses Using Cob Construction Method in Nara Prefecture, Japan, Midori Yamada, Wataru Nakamura, Makoto Muramoto, Kumiko Hatanaka
  • Innovating Traditional Building Practices for Contemporary Architecture, Aparna, Sanal Thathapuzha
  • Incidencia Regenerativa – Social Rebuilding of Habitat Mx, Juan M Casillas Pintor
  • Caliche vs. Adobe—Shelter or Food: A Choice That Defines Our Future, Pliny Fisk III, Brittany Faulkner
  • The Development of an Insulating Structural Cob Composite Wall, Steve Goodhew, Jim Carfrae, François Strieff, Mohamed Boutouil, Kevin Owen, Matthew Fox
  • Kente House: A Rammed Earth House/Workshop Designed to Reduce Energy Consumption and Improve Thermal Comfort in Ghana, Angeles Hevia
  • Stabilizing Earth Buildings Using Palm Kernel Shell and Palm Kernel Shell Ash, Iwuagwu Ben Ugochukwu, Onyegiri Ikechukwu
  • Modelling of Temporary Solutions to Increase the Air Temperatures of Unhealthy Mud-Brick Huts in the Peruvian Mountains, Enrique Mejia Solis, Jaime Arias, Björn Palm
  • Sustainable, Healthy, and Energy-Efficient, That’s What We Are: Thermal and Hygrometric Performance of an Insulated Stabilized Compressed Earth Block Wall System in Colorado, Lisa Morey, Enrico Bonilauri
  • From “Why to do” to “How to do”: Research and Practice in Rammed-earth Architecture in China, MU Jun, ZHOU Tiegang, JIANG Wei, Liang Zengfei, ZHAN Linxin
  • Defining the Owner Builder Experience, Ethan Novikoff
  • Comparison of Japan Cob with North America Cob, Emily Reynolds, Makoto Muramoto, Wataru Nakamura, Midori Yamada, Kumiko Hatanaka
  • Grounded: Mujeres Artes Clay Studio Life Cycle Assessment, James Woods
  • A Rammed Earth Case Study of the Fire Mesa Project Completed by DesignBuildBLUFF, Hiroko Yamamoto, Atsushi Yamamoto
  • Integrating Earthen Building Materials and Methods into Mainstream Construction Projects. Using Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Building Policy Analysis, Lola Ben-Alon,  Vivian Loftness, Kent A. Harries, Erica Cochran Hameen
  • A New Engineering Education at the University of San Francisco, Hana Mori Böttger
  • Institutional Risk. Case of Study: The Church of Curahuara de Carangas, Bolivia, Cindy Calbimonte, Fabiana Navia
  • A Road to a Code – Part One, Stephen Colley
  • A Road to a Code – Part Two, C. Michael Donoghue
  • Large-Scale Adoption of Earth Construction: Learnings from EarthEnable, Gayatri Datar, Athanase Nzayisenga
  • The Development of a Cob Building Code in North America, John Fordice, Martin Hammer
  • Mix Design and Compressive Strength Testing of Stabilized Rammed Earth in Canada, Timothy J. Krahn, Kris J. Dick
  • Properties of Compressed and Stabilized Earth Blocks Producedwith Recycled Soil Mixes, Nitin Kumar, Michele Barbato
  • Parameters for the Mechanization of Adobe Production in Rural Communities in Brazil, Thiago Lopes Ferreira, João Marcos de Almeida Lopes
  • Review of the Current State of Cob Structural Testing, Structural Design, the Drafting of Code Language, and Material Based Testing Challenges, Anthony Dente, Kevin Donahue
  • Use of Hemp Hurd and Recycled Material in Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks, Kris J. Dick, Timothy J. Krahn
  • An Investigation into the Change in Thermal Properties of Cob Samples Using Waste-Paper Sludge and Shredded Sheet Additives, Matthew Fox, Harry Driver, Jim Carfrae, Kevin Owen, Karen Hood-Cree, Steve Goodhew
  • The «Micrometeorology» of Buildings – A Simple Health Check for Your House, Hauke Haupts
  • Non-Burnt Earth Block Stabilized With Magnesium Oxide, Wataru Nakamura, Naoyuki Koshiishi
  • Experimental Characterization and Numerical Simulation of Compressive Behavior of Compressed and Stabilized Earth Block Specimens, Erika L. Rengifo-López, Nitin Kumar, Fabio Matta, Michele Barbato
  • Impacto en la Arquitectura Patrimonial de Tierra por Intervenciones con Cemento. El Caso de los Recubrimientos en Muros de Adobe en el Bajío y Occidente de México, Minerva Rodríguez Licea, Luis Fernando Guerrero Baca
  • Characterization and Modeling of Cob Strength using Varying Ingredient Ratios, David J. Wright, John M. Henshaw
  • Back to Earth: Re-locating Regional Identity and Traditions in Contemporary Residential Architecture, Aparna, Sanal Thathapuzha
  • The Constructive Tradition of Adobe in the Prehispanic Site La Joya, Veracruz, Esteban Ávalos Beltrán, Salvador Piña-Guido
  • Indigenous Architecture in Rammed Earth: the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Cultural Center, Phoebe Crisman
  • Solum et Sano: A Brief on Health and the Earth Worker, C. Michael Donoghue
  • Advancing Building Skills While Respecting Local Culture, Community, and Traditions –Overview of the Mission and Activities of the Terra Collaborative, an All-Women Natural Building Organization, Liz Johndrow, Lola Ben-Alon, April Magill
  • Micromorphology of the “Carazas Test” to Define Archaeological Construction Technique, Salvador Piña Guido, Hugo Alejandro Fernández, Marta Mateu Sagués, Gerardo Fernández
  • Rural Dwellings of Bangladesh: A Manifestation of Culture and Climate, Fatiha Polin
  • The Perpetuation of Earthen Architectural Traditions in Participatory Tribal Housing, Tonia Sing Chi
  • REHABITAR, el Patrimonio Cultural de Tierra como Motor de Desarrollo Económico en Tierra de Campos, España, Izaskun Villena
  • Earth Construction Projects Conducted in Egypt by “Hand Over”, Radwa Rostom

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