Call for papers: «UISPP session – Interdisciplinary studies on earthen architecture»

Symposium on interdisciplinary research on earthen architecture – XX World Congress of the UISPP (, September 3-10, Timisoara, Romania.

Call for papers deadline: 15th May 2023.

The aim of this session is to increase interdisciplinarity in the analysis of earthen construction in archaeology, private or public, modest or monumental. We look for examples not only from archaeology (building sequence and systems), but also from micromorphology (of soils, surfaces and building materials), palaeobotany, analytical techniques in physics and chemistry, studies of mechanical properties, etc. We will also draw upon ethnographic studies of traditional vernacular earthen architecture, to observe the viability and survival of some techniques and structures, with the purpose of comparing and understanding architectural solutions that we find archaeologically. An interdisciplinary approach will help us to interpret both the technological knowledge and the motivations of pre- and protohistoric societies that built with earth in different ecological and cultural environments. An interdisciplinary approach is particularly relevant, as recurrently archaeological and ethnographical studies have shown the existence of architectural solutions, in terms of technology or spatial logic, considered inappropriate according to modern construction standards and conventions. With all these examples, we aim to highlight the importance of earthen architecture at the global level, to approach the differences between vernacular and monumental architecture in their cultural setting, past and present, as well as to understand the construction processes at archaeological sites.


Marta Mateu. ICAC (Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology), Tarragona ESP.

Annick Daneels. Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, MX.

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