Article: «Restoration and Sustainability of Earthen Architecture» (2023)

Zaghez I., Attoui R., Saou-Dufrêne B. (2023) – Restoration and Sustainability of Earthen Architecture: Ksar of Khanguet Sidi Nadji in the Algerian Sahara as a Case Study, Research Square, DOI: 10.21203/


Earthen architecture has a rich history of providing durable and sustainable shelter for humans. However, many of these heritage sites are now facing abandonment and obsolescence. Kasr Khanguet Sidi Nadji in the Algerian Sahara is not exempt from this reality. To address this critical situation, we propose a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution for the restoration of the Ksar that takes into account the needs of its residents and its heritage value. Our approach utilizes the anastylosis method which implies that we reuse original on-site components as building materials whenever possible. We introduce new materials only when necessary after subjecting them to rigorous testing and control. Additionally, we take into account the complex challenges of human, natural, and technical factors involved in the restoration process, offering a practical solution to restore and preserve the earthen heritage of the Ksar while benefiting its residents.

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