Call for papers: «The Impact of Neolithic architecture» (30/4/2024)

Dans le cadre du World Neolithic Congress 2024 qui se tiendra du 4 au 8 novembre 2024 à Sanliurfa (Turquie)/ As part of the World Neolithic Congress 2024, to be held from 4-8 November 2024 in Sanliurfa (Turkey):

Session G18 – The Impact of Neolithic architecture – the emergence of human built environment

Dr. Moritz Kinzel 
German Archaeological Institute, Istanbul 

Dr. Emmanuel Baudouin 
Lecturer in Prehistory, Department of Anthropology, University of Paris Nanterre, UMR 8068 TEMPS. 

This session aims to highlight the impact of the emergence of architecture in the Neolithic on human social behaviour, the changes in the perception of space and development of building technology. Neolithic architecture can be understood as a large-scale laboratory for testing structural and spatial solutions; some of them are lasting until today; e.g. the right angle. However, no buildings codes were established; resulting in constructions built without structural safety coefficients – stretching occasionally far beyond nowadays limits. Locally available material sources defined building techniques and materials. Environmental conditions, topographical settings and social constraints influenced shape and structural designs. 
In addition, recent anthropological and archaeological discussions have shown how architecture can be seen as an important form of symbolic representation, a material expression of concepts, values and social orders. The socio-cultural factor may have have played a significant role in the diversity of building techniques or the dynamics of changes (invention, convergence, diffusion, etc.). In other words, Neolithic people modified buildings to adapt them to their traditions, changing needs and diversifying activities as well as responded to climate changes and destructive events, e.g. earthquakes, flooding or fire. 

We would like to invite colleagues to discuss continuity, change and discontinuity of Neolithic architecture (on a global scale); its impact on social behaviour as well as the formation of group identities. Furthermore, we would like to investigate how Neolithic buildings were perceived and if this perception may have differed from the intended impact  as well as the changes over time. What are the differences in perception for domestic and communal (special) buildings?

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Abstracts must be sent before 30 April 2024:

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