Article “For Further Information Please See the Back of the Plaster” (2018)

Johannes Jungfleisch (2018), “For Further Information Please See the Back of the Plaster. Architectural Impressions in the ‘Aegean’-style Wall Paintings from Tell el-Dabca”, in Becker, J., Jungfleisch, J. and Von Rüden, C., Tracing Technoscapes. The Production of Bronze Age Wall Paintings in the Eastern Mediterranean, Leiden: Sidestone Press.

The fragmented and dislocated nature of many wall paintings obscures their former
architectural context. As an integral part of architecture, painted plaster forms both
an aesthetic and protective surface of buildings, by covering brickwork, masonry and
other construction materials. In consequence of this material entanglement, collapsed plaster provides information on once hidden and now bygone architectural features in the form of impressions on their reverse. Additionally, an inverted perspective on murals allows us to examine the practical knowledge and technical choices underlying the construction process and the practice of plastering.
In this sense, the analysis of reverse sides opens new perspectives on buildings,
showing influences from different architectural traditions as attested for the palatial
complex of the 18th dynasty in Tell el-Dabca/Egypt.

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